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July 15, 2020 Meeting Notes and more

Good afternoon!

The MACD Education Committee had a meeting today.  The meeting notes have some details about what the committee is currently working on.  Mainly we are looking at past resolutions   that the committee has worked with.  Many of these resolutions have potential for ongoing committee, organization and Conservation District Activity.

Based on last years area meeting survey, we are also looking at a way of moving forward with some priorities that you as CDs have defined.  The synopsis of that survey is a place to start as well as the MACD Strategic Plan.

We welcome input from administrators for the Conservation Districts around the state as well as Supervisors!  Committee Chair Elisha Dempsey stressed the importance of education internally within Conservation Districts as well as externally to the public and legislators about what resources we need, what Conservation Districts do and what we’re planning for the future!

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