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July 15, 2020 Education Committee Meeting 10 am

Welcome everyone to July!

The next meeting of the MACD Education Committee will be July 15 at 10 am.  This meeting will be held via conference call on the MACD Conference Line, 1-888-575-2051.

At our last meeting, there was discussion about the purpose of the committee.  Following is a synopsis of the Area Meeting surveys that we all did at last year’s area meetings, specifically, the information that DNRC thought was most applicable to the Education Committee.   Elisha wanted me to go ahead and send this document so that we could discuss potential additional avenues of education, for supervisors, administrators, agencies and the public.

These topics are things that CDs around the State of Montana said that they thought were important, specifically for questions 2 and 4 of the survey.

Question 2 was: What do you see as the most important conservation concern in your district?

There were 157 responses to that question.

Question 4 was Do you need anything to help you do your job?

There were 105 responses to this question.

It’s pretty clear that the items that Laurie Zeller classified as “Education Committee Appropriate” are things that CDs feel they need.  And we as a committee, along with DNRC especially, are either tracking or doing a lot of these things.  But we could do them better, in a more organized way, and we could do more, with the assistance of more people who are interested in helping.



Meeting Notes

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