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November 4, 2020 Education Committee Meeting

The next meeting of the MACD Education Committee will be November 4 at 10 am.  Due to some technical problems, one of the MACD board members on the committee requested that we go back to using the MACD Conference Call line, so the November meeting will be done via conference call. Use 1888-575-2051 and use the PIN  97861.

Based on the feedback via the survey done at last year’s area meeting, the committee has put together a “needs list” (see the survey results previously posted).  Using that information and the apparent priorities, as voiced by participants at the Education Committee meetings, we selected our priorities and have decided on action items for each.


  • Employees
    • CDB is doing monthly webinars
    • The EO is working on ongoing training/education for employees
  • Supervisors
    • Leadership training-how do we restart this effort?
    • DNRC is working on 310 training and some supervisor training for CD Supervisors and staff

Supporting Conservation Education to the Public through individual CDs

  • Rolling River Trailer
    • Creation of a waterproof User’s Guide and an online guide
    • Lease review and revision as necessary of the MACD to Sponsor leases and the Sponsor to Sub-Lessees. This will ensure that operations and liability are clear to all involved
  • Telling the CD Stories to Public/Legislators
    • Creating videos for upload to website, YouTube, etc.
  • Collaboration with the Montana Weed Control Association to see how CDs could best coordinate upcoming education efforts
  • Coordination with local MSU Extension offices to collaborate on training and education efforts
  • Creating webinars/online education in place of in-person events

Outreach (Promotion/PR)

  • Creating videos for upload to Websites, YouTube etc.
  • Subcommittee (Fleury, Hendrix, Evans) will research further resources for creating content and accessing already created content

Education Resolutions—Deal with Education Related Resolutions as necessary

  • Former year Resolutions
    • See attached
  • Current Resolutions

MACD Scholarships—Assess scholarship applications and make recommendations to MACD Board

Resolutions that the Education Committee discussed at the September Meeting  which are available on MACD’s Resolution Library by doing a search on the Education Committee.

Meeting notes from the October Education Committee Meeting

Agenda for November 4 2020 meeting

We welcome all supervisors and district employees as well as our partners at these meetings.



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